Teak Furniture – Why You Should Buy It


It’s a great time to grow or own teak. Teak plantations around the world are producing the trees at great rates because there is a rise in demand for this type of furniture. There are a few good reasons for the rise in demand.

It’s exotic

One of the reasons a lot of people choose teak furniture is because they want something special for their home. Maybe they want something that looks exotic in their home. Perhaps they have an Asian or older theme and want a rich piece of furniture that goes with that theme. Teak furniture often fills this order.

If searching for a piece of furniture that can be personalized to be a one of a kind piece in your home, teak furniture is the way to go. There is nothing more beautiful than the teak carvings that are found in temples and structures throughout India. Imagine if you were to have a personalized carving made into a tabletop that would be the centerpiece of your living room.

Not only is this kind of teak furniture functional, but in this case, it can also be a breathtaking work of art.

It’s naturally beautiful

Even if you don’t go the carving route, there is a lot to say about the appearance of teak wood in its natural state. Teak furniture is known to have a magnificent grain, as far as woods go. This means as soon as the wood is cut, it looks much like a piece of art, with beautiful grains that you will want to follow with your fingers.

Additionally, as it ages, teak will change its appearance. If you have teak furniture inside, out of the sunlight, it will slowly darken into luxurious, rich oranges and browns. If you leave teak furniture in the sunlight it will turn silver over time, much like the graying of human hair. This goes even faster if your teak furniture is a patio furniture set and in the sunlight all day long. While you may wonder if this changing of colors means there is a problem with the teak furniture, the truth is, it’s just a part of the beauty of the wood.


This brings us to the last reason many people choose teak furniture. Teak furniture is stronger and more durable than most other woods out there. If you have ever wondered how historians are able to know what was carved on the wood of some Indian temples hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the reason is that many of them were made of teak wood. Since teak is a very strong wood, it has been able to save those carvings, and hold up generation after generation, in many cases long after the building around the wood has crumbled or washed away.

When it comes down to it, teak furniture is essentially a complete package. Not only is it durable, so you know you are getting a piece that will last, but it is also beautiful and exotic, to make a beautiful addition to any home.

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