Plumbing Issues in New Homes


When buying your first new home, it can sometimes be falsely perceived to be the dream house you always wanted. However, many new property owners have been confronted with plumbing, electrical construction related issues. There can be a number of reasons for this complexity, cowboy builders, inferior quality material or just negligence on behalf of the contractor.

Most plumbing issues in new houses is the lack of high quality fixtures and material, to save the overall cost of the build. Most plumbers go for the cheap plumbing material, but with questionable quality. Most plumbing errors are experienced behind places which are difficult to access, such as under the floors, or behind walls. These problems often take a long time to surface.

It can be exciting to move into a new home, but it is highly recommended to take some time to inspect and try to detect any faults in the plumbing installation. The most common problems in new builds include leaks, water pressure issues, and pipe movement. Looking for these issues may not be easy for the untrained eye as they start as small signs, and develop into major issues later.

There are a number of ways you can protect yourself from plumbing related issues in your new home. During the inspection process, it is very important to look out for any defects in the plumbing structure. As most people do not possess plumbing expertise, consider hiring a services of a professional plumber.

Plumbing is an expert field, best left to the professionals. The skill and experience required to inspect any plumbing system is at a level beyond that of the everyday person. Around the home there are four main plumbing systems and each may require a specific type of plumber. Be sure to understand the systems around your home to assist in deciding what plumber is right for you.

1) Cold and hot tap water supply
This is the most basic plumbing system. This system allows the use of both hot and cold water through all taps in the house. Hot water is supplied through the same plumbing system but heated on the way to the taps. Almost all housing and commercial units in the cities have this type of plumbing system. It is generally heated via a boiler which can be located anyway in the property.

2) Plumbing drainage venting
The second most basic plumbing system in a residential property, is that of drainage venting. The purpose of this system is to remove all sewage from the building through designated pipes. Also, a vital function of the plumbing drainage venting is the exit of air trapped between the foul water. Often, the failure of this building regulation requirement leads to bad smells in and around the sanitation facilities. Fortunately, the maintenance of the system by professionals takes care of any such problems that may occur. All the pipes of this system eventually connect with the main drainage.

Not all home owners have the confidence or the tools to tackle every plumbing job in the house, maybe then it become a good idea to call the professionals, by taking the advice of a professional can save you in the long run.

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