Helpful Tips to Maintain the Beauty of Your Microfiber Furniture


Microfiber furniture is made with the smallest man made fiber possible with today’s technology. Microfiber upholstery is becoming popular because of its luxurious appearance. It offers a great alternative to natural materials like leather and suede. Microfiber is also known as microsuede because of its similar appearance to suede but the advantage is that it is much more durable and easy to maintain while offering a beautiful appearance. More and more people are purchasing microfiber furniture because of the beautiful appearance; the fibers leave no lint or dust, so they are highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

Suede furniture is very often with a napped finish but the disadvantage of suede is that due to its textured nature and presence of open pores on its surface, it becomes dirty very quickly and may spoil if it gets wet. People are ready to pay a higher premium for increased comfort which micro-suede cushions and chairs provide and when compared to normal suede, micro-suede is easier to clean, and is water resistant. With these qualities the salesman would like you to believe that microfiber furniture is unstainable and indestructible but it is possible to completely ruin the elegance and beauty without taking proper care and maintenance.

One of the biggest benefits you can gain in preserving the appearance of your microfiber furniture is to vacuum regularly. Vacuuming your furniture every week will keep the surface free of lint, debris, dust, pet hairs and keeps the pile loose and fluffy. Allowing the dirt and dust to build up will make your microfiber dull and dingy as well as start to show premature wear and tear.

One way to keep your microfiber furniture in great looking condition is to get in the habit of not eating food on your furniture. This may seem inconvenient but it is impossible to prevent drips and spills from forming and in some cases these spots may become permanent which eventually makes the microfiber furniture develop an unsightly appearance. When spots do appear it is important to remove them as soon as possible using a damp cloth and some mild dish detergent.

Direct sunlight can cause your microfiber furniture to fade and lose its luster. To prevent this avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight or get in the habit of drawing the curtains periodically. With a little planning you will realize there are times when you are not in the room and you can always enjoy the daylight during times when you are using the room.

Developing a habit of spot and stain removal when these occur will help to maintain the beauty of your microfiber furniture. Even though vacuuming can remove most of the dry dirt and spot removal can make the furniture look cleaner it is necessary to deep clean the furniture on a regular basis to remove the washable dirt that builds up on the carpet as a result of cooking vapors and air pollution from outside. If you clean the furniture regularly you will maintain the luster of the microfiber.

Some carpet washers have attachments that can cause the microfiber to wrinkle and shrink. Cleaning Microfiber furniture can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know how to do it. Do not use any cleaning or laundry products with bleach, as this will discolor the fabric. While microfiber is actually very good at repelling water for small spills, once water does soak in it is possible to leave a ring when it dries. Whenever you have cleaned microfiber it is important to use as little water as possible to prevent these rings from forming.

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